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Pioneer Dog Trainer and Dog Training in Malaysia and Singapore | Stephen Guard Dogs

Stephen Guard Dogs is one of the leading professional dog-training academies in Malaysia and Singapore, specializing in guard dog training and dog obedience training. Our team of certified trainers have more than fourty years of experience, gained from training dogs for the Department of Defense (D.O.D.) in Europe, Asia and the United States in the areas of protection, discipline, detection, law enforcement, and assistance to individuals with limited mobility.

Some of our Main Dog Trainning Courses include:

    Certified Dog Training Courses
  • Certified Dog Trainers Courses
  • Certified Guard Dog Training Courses
  • Certified Guard Dog Trainers Courses

All our Dog Training Course offered meet the American and Dutch national standards. Additionally, we offer puppy training, dog boarding and canine K9 consultancy services.

Stephen Guard Dogs is dedicated to providing the highest level of guard dog training for protection and guide training courses for guard dog companies. We have been an integral part of the guard dog services offered in Malaysia and Singapore and have become the go-to source for training guard dogs for protection and guard dog services. Our team of certified trainers strive to provide the best service to all of our clients, ensuring that all of our guard dog training services meet the highest standards.

Our team of certified trainers has become a driving force in the guard dog industry in Malaysia and Singapore, setting the bar for standards of excellence and customer satisfaction. Our commitment to providing the best service to our clients has allowed us to become a leading provider of guard dog services in the region.

At Stephen Guard Dogs, we are dedicated to helping our clients and their families find the perfect guard dog to provide the protection and security that they need. Our team of certified trainers is committed to providing the best guard dog training services and consultation to ensure that our clients get the best results. We strive to ensure that our clients and their families are provided with the best guard dog training services, allowing them to have a safe and secure home.

Stephen Anthony - Chief Dog Trainer (Certified U.S. and Nederland Trainer)
Raphael Wade Anthony - Senior Dog Trainer (Certified Nederland Trainer)