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Malaysia Dog Training History with Stephen Guard Dog

Stephen Guard Dogs Training Centre has influenced Malaysia Dog Training and is one of the world’s leading independent dog training and obedience centers, with trainers certified in the USA and The Netherlands. Through its global network of partners, SGDTC can place up to 150 guard dogs at any one time anywhere in the world.


With over 30 years of experience in the training of guard dogs, Chief Dog Trainer Stephen Anthony has established a reputation as one of the best dog trainers in the world with a clientele stretching from the USA (including Customs and Border Protection, FBI, ATF, and TSA), to Europe, the Middle East, and now in Asia.


Chief Trainer Stephen Anthony, Raphael Wade and his trainers go beyond obedience and temperament management, and trains dogs for personal and premise protection, search and rescue, and bomb and narcotics detection. Specialized training is provided for guide dogs for the disabled. SGDTC has also expanded its services into the provision of trained dogs for movie and advertisement productions.


Currently based in Malaysia, SGDTC serves as a full service, one-stop center for all dog training needs, including import, purchase, hire, and whelping requirements.