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  • 1Training Dogs into Refusing Food from Strangers
  • 2Training Dogs for both Obedience and Family Protection
  • 3Training Dogs to become both Personal Bodyguards and to Protect Business Premises
  • 4Correcting Problematic and Temperamental Dogs
  • 5Hiring of Security Dogs to Companies
  • 6Breeding and Selling Junior and Adult Dogs already trained in the Art of Effective Guarding
  • 7Hiring of Security Dogs out to Companies
  • 8Whelping Services
  • 9Breeding and Selling Puppies of Great Guard Dogs
  • 10Importation of trained KNPV Dogs
  • 11Mines/Explosive and Drugs Detector dogs
  • 12Certified Dog Trainer Course

  • LIST OF DOG BREEDS - Dog breeds by Stephen as follows

    Belgian Malinois

    Doberman Sinscher

    German Shepherd


    Dutch Sheperd

    List of Dog Breeds CLICK HERE

    10 Most Popular Dog Breeds CLICK HERE
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"You will never know what will happen to you or your family the next moment. My house have been on trial of robery for 2 times. Thank God that 'Kamman', a RottWeiler I bought from Stephen Guard Dogs Training Center last year saved my family from the robery that might cost financial as well as psychology losses to us. The money I spend on purchasing 'Kamman' are definitely worth while for it saves me and my family lives... Keep up the good work, SGDTC" - Mrs Carroline Lim


"My dog are like my son. He plays with my children as well as protecting my family everyday. At first, I don't quite believe that I can actually place a Rottweiler in my house with my two less than 5 year old kids. I'm so amazed that the dog are like my 3rd kid, he will follow all my instructions without lagging..I'm so glad I had him"- Mr S. Maniam


"I bought a dog from my neighbour and she is not obeying all my instructions, then I decided to send it for a training at Stephen's place. I am so amazed that after 2 months, there has been drastic changed to her. I can now play with her with all the instructions that she is trained. This is so exiting and I'm looking forward to send her back every year to have more instruction trained to her"- Kee Siong


"I've rented some dogs from Stephen Guard Dogs Training Center for my advertisement shooting. The dogs are so easy to managed, with the help of the training team, I'm able to complete the shooting without any disturbance from the dogs. This is because I have tried to use dogs from other company and they just cant get along with the dogs. I would strongly recomend Stephen Guard Dogs Training Center if you need the best dog training in Malaysia, and South East Asia perhaps. Cheers"- Jason